Tick-borne Illness?

Well, finally after 3 years of being unwell (I will elaborate on the journey later), I dug up this letter from the GP that I saw in May of 2013:

“Dear Laura,

I had one final test that was pending before you departed, and it showed that you have had in the past an exposure to a tick-borne disease called Anaplasma Phagocytophilum.  I reviewed this with one of our infectious disease physicians, and he stated you would not require treatment at this time, which is reassuring.  When people have an acute infection, they tend to have fevers, severe muscle aches, and so at some point in the past, you had this infection, but it has since resolved.  If you have any further questions, please contact us at — — —-.

Sincerely, Dr X”

I visited this world renowned, state of the art healthcare facility desperate to seek answers for my illness.  Because of the fact that this GP at this well known facility clearly stated “you will not require treatment at this time”, I didn’t think twice and filed my letter away.

The letter talks about flu-like symptoms and the fact that I did not have any at the time.  What was not considered was the fact that I traveled to the Caribbean in March of 2012, was extremely ill (WITH FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS) until September of 2012 and have no been the same since.

I decided because of the recent attention and awareness of lyme disease and co-infections, and the fact that one of my very close family members has been affected directly by lyme disease that this is something I need to explore further.  I tried to speak to my family GP about this…and he just looked at me and said “you probably don’t have lyme”…I agree, I may not have lyme, but what about all of the related co-infections, and what about this letter?  And what about the fact that ever since my terrible flu in 2012, I have not been in good health since???

I will be crossing the border to the United States once again to seek help.  I am seeing a LLMD (lyme literate medical doctor) specializing in treatment of Lyme Disease and related co-infections.  My appointment is June 30 (I got lucky will a cancellation!)…until then I play the waiting game…tick tick tock.  (Pun intended)

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