Found a LLND willing to help!!!

This is an extension on my previous post about my search for a LLND or LLMD to work with my LLMD in the States.  Yesterday was a flop but it made it all worth it because today I met a wonderful man full of knowledge, compassion and willingness to help me on this journey.

The visit went like this:

I met Dr. M with my mom and the first thing that he did was take a few moments to read over my lengthy patient and medical history.  I feel like he was actually absorbing and READING the information rather than skimming as many others do.

He asked a few questions throughout reading for self clarification and detail. It was clear to me that he was ready and willing to help when he asked me what role I thought he would play in this journey.  Before I could answer, he stopped me and said, let me explain my role in the overall picture.  (This was the first time I don’t feel like I had to battle a Dr and that he actually was teaching ME and telling ME and HELPING me!!!)  He did a great job explaining many things and I now have a much better understanding of all this and a renewed hope.  

He wrote me a requisition for all bloodwork that I need done prior to my June 30 appointment in the US and said he will be in touch. A-Mazing! I literally cried tears of happiness… You have no idea.

I need a little time to absorb it all, but I’ll post again later and tell you what I’ve learned-in layman’s terms-the way he did for me. So overwhelmed but so so happy! Thank you Dr. M!!!!:) 

Here is the pre appointment blood work (+ Igenex tests already done):


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