The Bad Days and the Not so Bad Days

The reason why I say “not so bad days” is because to me, a “good day” simply means a “not so bad day” if you follow me.

Well today is one of the bad days.  This post may not even make sense, but I feel like it is important for me to track the moments and the days, especially when I feel extra horrible, to be able to see the ups and downs of this illness.

I had trouble peeling myself out of bed this morning as every limb in my body is aching, my hands and arms especially.  I am nauseated, pounding headache and exhausted down to my fingertips if that makes sense.  This isn’t me, this isn’t how I am supposed to feel!  I am 28 years old and days like today I feel like I am 90.  I am having trouble focusing and on the brink of tears-not the happy kind of tears.  I quite often have bouts of depression and crying but always try to pick myself back up again and keep fighting.

Now DEEP BREATH, I am about to share with you what i REALLY look like (this is not easy for me) and maybe it will put things into perspective how deceiving this illness can be with a little makeup to cover it up……Judge me if you like, but if that’s why you’re here…then you are here for the wrong reasons.  ❤ Laura


6 thoughts on “The Bad Days and the Not so Bad Days

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