A rough night

I had somewhat of a breakdown last night.

Bawled my eyes out while simultaneously being angry and frustrated.

I am just way too overwhelmed with all of this to tell you the truth and really noticing my symptoms more and more all the time.

All the little things that I just overlooked thinking they were “normal”…

Things like feeling tingly and itchy all over my body, that creepy crawly feeling as though invisible bugs are crawling all over my skin  (worst at night)

My body feeling tender to the touch as though it is bruised in certain spots (upper chest, arms, legs, ribs, neck)

Constant headache

Constant Nausea

Throwing up yesterday morning

Extreme fatigue and exhaustion


Crackling and ringing in my ears

Constant sinus congestion, worse in the mornings

One more day until my appointment….I just really hope that I can get some answers and some relief…I am in a beautiful Canadian city and haven’t  left my hotel room.  I can’t wait to live again.

One thought on “A rough night

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