My Dad’s E-mail to MP Stella Ambler regarding Lyme and Tick-borne Disease

Here is a copy of an email that my dad composed to Stella Ambler’s office, MP for Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

My dad is really trying to do everything in his power to bring awareness to this growing epidemic and hoping to get “the people in charge” on the bandwagon to make it known that this is REAL and something needs to change!!!

As you can see the e-mail was sent on  June 28 2015 and we have yet to hear anything back.

Just thought I would share this with anyone who cares to try and bring some more awareness to this subject!!

Great e-mail Poppa I am proud to be your daughter!! ❤

From: D
Date: June 28, 2015 at 11:38:25 AM EDT
To: “” <>
Subject: Lyme disease and tick transmitted illness 

I am writing you as a gravely concerned parent regarding the health of our 28 year old daughter. We have been trying to get help from our family physician and many other medical professionals for the last 3 years. This has cost us personally tens of thousands of dollars plus the concern and anguish that accompanies the illness.
It has cost our daughter her health and her job as she is so unwell she cannot work.
There is a total denial by our Canadian Medical community and all levels of government as to the epidemic proportions of this issue.
This illness has been so misdiagnosed that it has allowed  thousands of Canadians to grow sicker and sicker.
We recently confirmed through testing in a California lab that our daughter has a number of co-infections that have been transferred by a tick in her system. Our test here simply state that she hasn’t contracted Lyme disease (which she actually has). All the blood test show that her system is totally in disarray but still all the doctor can basically say is she has fibromyalgia. This is catch word for we don’t know.
It is as of today that we hope our daughter is on the road to recovery. My wife and daughter have embarked on a road trip to New York State to see a absolutely amazing doctor who is helping over a thousand Canadians and many Americans.
Even with the American doctors help we have an extremely hard time here at home getting any level of support form any MD. As soon as you mention tick illness they all run for the hills and basically leave you to your own devices.
We are not unfamiliar with this disease. My sister was confirmed to have this a little over a year ago. She was initially bitten in her front yard in Thornhill area and misdiagnosed as a spider bite. She has had an absolutely terrible time for over a decade trying to get help from the medical community here in Canada. It wasn’t until she actually went to New York that she has began the road to recovery, even now she suffers immensely from Herxing which is a side effect of the protocol that has been compared to chemo therapy and possible even worse.
We as Canadians need to step up and take notice that this is a real problem that has to be dealt with immediately.
This is in all our backyards and people need to be warned so precautions can be taken.
Please help bring this message into the Lyme Light.
Please take a look at our daughters blog at

I have only just scratched the surface of what I want to get across to you. We have so much information that it is overwhelming.
This needs to be a starting point so that we can move to towards awareness and a possible cure.
Sincerely, D

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