I am still waiting for some of my herbals in the mail.. So I can’t start my  treatment   just yet.  I decided while I was waiting to do a few things to help my body detox.  I think I may be over doing it.

I have been taking Nutramedix Parsley, took a detox bath with Montmorillonite Clay, and Dry Brushing my body for the past few days.

I may have overdone it in the detox department as my body feels extremely floppy today.  My limbs are heavy, can barely keep my eyes open, bad nausea and extreme fatigue but can’t fall asleep.  I am so so dizzy and light headed.  My mind is cloudy and I am so scared to start my treatment. The closer it gets, the more I fear it.

I guess it’s all in the name of recovery…one baby step at a time!

Comment on this Post. Did you try a recipe I posted? Do you have a suggestion? I am always looking for new inspiration. Let me know, I would love to hear from you!

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