Raw Walnut Tacos YUM

I LOVE Mexican flavours! They are so full of life and spice and just so delicious.

This has to be the easiest thing ever! Walnut taco meat!!! It honestly tastes amazing. I wanna eat these every day. Haha

Meatless and gluten free BUT full of flavour!


1 c raw walnuts

1/2 c sundried tomatoes (rehydrated in water)

1/2 tsp cumin

1/4 tsp garlic powder

Pinch of sea salt

Pinch of chili powder

Pinch of cayenne pepper

Let sundried tomatoes sit in water for a few minutes until they become tender again.  Drain water.

Combine walnuts, sundried tomatoes and all spices listed above in a food processor.

Pulse to combine. Go slow or you’ll get mush!  You will want your texture to look like ground “meat”.


Ready to serve!

Top a red cabbage leaf or romaine lettuce leaf with the walnut “meat”.

Add whatever toppings you desire:

Chopped spring onion


Chopped tomato


Enjoy the tastiest meat free taco ever!

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