Lyme Disease Article


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Slowly (and I mean at a super snail speed) I feel like Canada is becoming more and more aware of the possible dangers a tick bite can have on humans AND pets. 

Here is an article that was passed along to me by my sister from a local neighbour who is a retired nurse:

Lyme Disease Article
This article says it answers all of your questions in one post… Not so much, but it’s a good start…

Just beware, some of the pics are a little gross.  

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2 thoughts on “Lyme Disease Article

  1. Hi Laura, sorry to hear about your fight with Lyme and Co-infections. I make my living in the forests of Nova Scotia and up until the last few years, it was confined to only a few counties. Now it is province-wide and I cant find a woodlot without deer and dog ticks. I have been aware of Lyme and co-infections severity for several years now, and have posted alot of info in the past regarding Lyme etc on my facebook page at Alan Clark…At first, it was falling on deaf ears, but because the populations have increased and spread throughout our province, there is no denying by anyone now, except for most GP’s and Dr’s.that we have a big problem on our hands.Dr Murakami in BC has been a great advocate on our side though. Now we need to get the work done that is required to take things towards the next step and eventually a successful treatment to cure Lyme and C’s.Looks like ticks are here to stay. I am hoping a natural virus will help lower the tick population with a recent boom in population, maybe wishful thinking…I hope you are on the mend with your treatments and that your pain will end soon, all the best and keep in touch,

    Best Regards to you,



    • Hi Alan,
      Thanks so much for the information and your well wishes. I am glad there are people out there like yourself that are actually aware and trying to make a difference!!
      Dr. Murakami seems like a great man, I have heard a lot about him. Who knows I may just give him a call for advice later on in this recovery journey.
      Thanks again Alan!


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