DAY 1: Monday July 13, 2015

Ok, this isn’t fun anymore.  Not that it was fun before, but now I really feel like crap and I am only 3 and a half hours into my day 😦

Today I start my real journey to recover from Chronic Lyme Disease, Babesiosis, Ehrlichia, and Anaplasmosis.  The treatment plan is sequential and I add more and more things as time goes on, to try and prevent severe Herxing.

I have been feeling somewhat “normal”  (you know, the normal where you have enough will and energy to fake your days but still have all kinds of symptoms lingering in the background?  But feel ok enough to smile and pretend they are not there?)

Well, that came to a pretty quick halt this morning!  I will try my best to write another post later of my entire treatment protocol, but no promises, since I am doing some kind of weird prenatal breathing while I type this trying to prevent myself from running to the washroom to be sick.

I am dizzy as hell, horrible headache, and crazy nausea.  I want to say I hope this will pass but I know I am in for a rough ride for the first 3 months at least…..F**K

On the “menu” today:



Nystatin 1,000,000IU Capsules (Compounding Pharmacy)  3X day



Beyond Balance Cognease Detox 3X day

Takesumi Supreme Charcoal 1X day

Byron White Detox 2 1X day



Jarrow Green Tea Capules 1X day

Life Extension Super Omega-3 3X day

CanPrev Adult Multi 1X day

Thorne Stress B-Complex 1X day



Metagenics Ultra Flora Acute Care 3X day


Along with all of this, I somehow must consume 2-3 litres of water…I wish there was an IV for this…every sip makes me feel sick.  I don’t feel like eating at all, but most of these items listed above must be taken with food or nausea will be worse (is that seriously possible?).

Now I MUST rest…

Please note that any and all of the information I share on this blog is not intended as medical advice.  This treatment plan was designed specifically for me by a Licensed Medical Doctor and is not to be duplicated.  All information is from my own experiences and strictly by opinion only.


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4 thoughts on “DAY 1: Monday July 13, 2015

  1. Hi Laura, I enjoy reading your posts. My daughter also suffers from chronic Lyme. I posted at an earlier time as well. It’s nice to have someone to follow to see how their days go as well as their treatment. It can give some insight into my daughter’s life as well whether it’s similarities or differences. I shouldn’t say it’s “nice” as I wouldn’t wish this horrific disease on anyone but you know what I mean. There is solace in knowing there are people in similar situations and it’s supportive.


    • Hi Tish thanks 🙂 I hope your daughter is doing ok.. Has she been diagnosed for long ? The blog gives me a purpose to my days and it makes me glad to share my situation with you and your daughter. I share in the feeling of solace when I hear about other people like me, it makes this all feel a little less surreal!


  2. Hi Laura,

    I have been fighting this disease for 19 months, but not sure when I was infected. I grew up in Turkey Point and have been sick off and on my whole life. I pray it was a couple years ago so I don’t have to worry that I possibly gave this disease to them! I am now trying to help people and others through this journey. I am the president of Lyme Ontario and I work with a fantastic group of people. Keep fighting and remember, you are not alone! There are so many of us out there! anytime you need anything, send me an email. All the best on your recovery. Remember, it is a marathon, not a race. Be gentle to your body…. it is fighting a war that nobody understand but a fellow Lymie! xo


  3. Hi Ellen, I am always sorry to hear that other people are suffering as well. I hope for your sake that this is more recent rather than older! It makes me so happy when I see people making something positive out of something so grim like this disease. Thank you for your thoughts of encouragement!! I am actually starting to like being a Lymie 🙂 …it is a wonderful caring community of people. I have come across the Lyme Ontario website before and it is great! I want to help people too! This is a brutal fight to try and conquer alone!


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