Now that I am forced to get out of bed earlier than normal (to pop my pills), I am feeling like my days are extra long and just seem to drag on.  Today was only day two, and I know how many more and how many bad ones are lurking ahead.

It is so hard not to let my mind take over and go a little crazy and get a little depressed about this whole thing.

I am literally so sick of this already and it is ONLY DAY 2!!!  I bawled my eyes out today, I guess some form of emotional release, because I felt a tiny bit better afterward (mentally at least).  I managed to get myself outside today…took a 5 minute walk…haha How sad is it that I feel accomplished these days for walking down the street and being able to go outside???

Today was an “easy” day physically.  I had times where I felt much worse than others.  Lots of headaches, lots of nausea, lots of body aches, lots of restlessness, lots of exhaustion.  But other than that…got through it…all the while feeling like a lazy yucky, frizzy-haired, makeupless bump on a log.

At least I wasn’t so lonely today, my boyfriend had a rain day at work and we got to spend some relax time together 🙂

I can’t wait to feel like myself one day again.  Run for 50 minutes instead of walking for 5…BUT, until then, I keep at this thing….One day at a time!


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One thought on “DAY 2

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