DAY 3 And a special thanks to the Lymie Community

Today I am feeling super nauseated.  Every time one of my many symptoms trumps all others I seem to say “This is the worst”, but really they all suck equally!  I am just thankful that I can still do things like write on my blog and read a little bit to keep me busy.  Otherwise I would be going stir freakin’ crazy.

It truly amazes me all the wonderful and caring people that exist in the Lymie community.  If it weren’t for my mom joining Facebook and talking about my situation with all the great people in these support groups,  I wouldn’t be where I am today.

My posts are fed automatically to her page, as I myself don’t have Facebook.  So a deeply heartfelt❤️thank you to all of you special people that have shared your stories, information, contacts, support and encouragement.  Along with love and support from my family an boyfriend, it has been the only other thing getting me through this.

I hope to one day get to the other side of this and be able to help people that are in similar situations.  Until then, I will just continue to share my experience and hope that the journey can shed some light and awareness for others.

This one is for my baby.  Haha He's English but hates the "Keep Calms" of the world..go figure lol

This one is for my baby. Haha He’s English but hates the “Keep Calms” of the world..go figure lol

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