Day 3 Evening

I am scared out of my mind for tomorrow.  I literally just had a laughing/crying breakdown to the point of me not knowing which one it was.  I am so stressed out and afraid.

I add two more items to my protocol:  Azithromycin 250mg twice a day and Beyond Balance MC-Bab-2 twice a day as well.  I made the mistake of reading side effects of the prescription drug just now which is a long, long list and I think I freaked myself out a little bit.  I have also heard a lot about Bab-2 for Babesia and the fact that it is strong and causing a lot of people to have a Herx reaction.

I am so f**cking scared…and I don’t know what the hell to expect, but it has to be done.  Sweet dreams tonight I tell you…YA RIGHT.

One thought on “Day 3 Evening

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