Day 5

So it is treatment day 5…  Day 2 of starting the azithromycin and Bab-2 on top of everything else.  Bab-2 can go up to 25 drops per dose and I am only starting at 1… But I am not taking any chances here.. Slow and steady wins the race right?

Apparently Bab-2 should be increased by 1 drop every week, but some people experience a Herx if they increase too soon or too much.. So I am trying to avoid that!

It’s still surreal to me that I have Chronic Lyme Disease ..and Babesiosis .. And Anaplasmosis …and Ehrlichiosis.  Really? Is this real?  I guess it must be.

I did a lot of reading today about detoxing while treating this illness.  It is very important! Although I already knew this… I think I needed a refresher on the importance of it.  I’ve been doing as many things as I can… Lemon water…dry skin brushing… Detoxifying foods… Bentonite clay… Activated charcoal.

After all … The whole purpose of this treatment and these drugs I am taking is to kill off all the bad…but where does it go?  It must come out!!! The skin… Urine… Bowel movements… All so important right now.  

I don’t have much different to report on today symptom wise.. Other than quite the purge of acne breakouts on my face after my clay détox mask.  But that’s a good thing!  Oh and a bit of an odd arm thing:

 I hate the evenings … I get the most anxious at this time since I’ve started and feel this unjustified feeling of fear before bed.  It’s weird but I try to calm my mind and talk myself down.

Today was a pretty good day.  Again… When I say pretty good I think most Lymies know what I mean (just not worse than “normal”)

Sorry if these treatment posts are boring but I promised I would track every single day of this fight!

Sweet Dreams 🙂

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