Gosh, what a horrible day it was yesterday.  Luckily, after my evening meltdown, I felt better than I had (physically) for 2 days now.  Not to mention it was incredible for my mental and emotional state….a release if you will.  I highly recommend a good cry every now and again haha.  But in all seriousness, if you feel like crying, sob it out!!  You will be amazed how good it feels to not hold it inside.

I slept like a baby after my meltdown, even after waking up at 3 am to take my activated charcoal powder and clay detox powder.

I woke up today feeling much much better.  Once I got out of bed, my headache creeped back up on me and I woke up with a bit of an odd rash on my neck and some chest pains, but other than that, TODAY IS A GOOD DAY!  (So far)


Oh, and by the way, my Herx yesterday was not caused by the Apple Cider Vinegar, it was adding the Doxycycline.  I know this for a fact because today the same thing happened when I took my morning cocktail of meds.  I think I will try the ACV morning detox drink again tomorrow to test it out.

I managed to get outside today and was very worried with the precautionary warning of doxycycline and photosensitivity.  I wore a wide brimmed hat, massive sunglasses, long sleeve shirt and pants and of course sunscreen on all of my few exposed parts.  It went well….no scary rashes or redness…woo hoo!!  Sunscreen and sun protection really does work!  I will thank myself 10 or 20 years from now for this.

I found a new product at Sephora for body care.  It’s an exfoliating bamboo charcoal sponge.  I figure, if I am taking charcoal to detoxify internally, why not externally?  I am trying it tonight!  Bamboo Charcoal Sponge.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

All in all it was a pretty good day…I didn’t feel as horrible as normal…I went outside and soaked up a little Vitamin D….AND I was able to spend some time with my 4 year old nephew who I love to pieces.  It was a little bit of joy, happiness and love, which was much needed.

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