DAY 10 Today is a Good Day!

Today I woke up on the right side of the bed so to speak.  I changed the time of taking my activated charcoal and clay powders to 6am instead of the middle of the night and it works much better.  I went back to sleep after this and allowed myself some extra rest for repair this morning.  I woke up feeling more refreshed, although with a banging headache.

My fave pillow :)

My fave pillow 🙂

I brushed my tongue, oil pulled with coconut oil for 20 minutes and brushed my teeth with all natural clay toothpaste.  I am slowly sort of getting the hang of this.

There is just SO MUCH that can be done and I just need time to fall into a routine that works for me.  I am sure it different for everyone, as we all have individual diagnoses and symptoms that we are dealing with.

Back to my earlier post Attempt at Fighting a Triple Threat  It actually worked!!!  I took my meds and proceeded to sit very very still with my heating pad, my ginger tea, my peppermint essential oil products for headache and my feet immersed in a lavender epsom salt bath.

The second that I had any inkling of nausea, I dried my feet off and got my baking soda water from the fridge and drank the entire thing.  I honestly got through this really easily today…whereas almost every other time I have literally cried because it has been so bad.  I will be doing this again tonight when I take my meds!!


My Side Effects Arsenal of products

I just got a knock on my door from UPS…hmmm…I forgot I ordered something?


YES, I ordered this beauty from my RBC rewards points so it was “free” in a way.  LOVEEEEE her!!!  My new baby, can’t wait to use her!

So as you can see, today was a pretty great day, I cherish these days!!!



More good days to come please!


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