DAY 11: A Word on Kindness

Some days I wake up and I feel undeserving of all the kindness and help that I receive.  Yes, I am sick, and no, I can’t do most of these things myself, but this is not the person that I am.

I want to be the person giving and helping others and not on the receiving end.  It is sometimes hard to accept the love, compassion and kind nature of others.  (I am getting emotional typing this)

My illness has given me renewed faith of just how many kind hearted caring people are still in this world.  I have always felt so alone in this journey trying to find out what was wrong with me and searching for answers for the past few years, all the while so many people telling me that there is nothing wrong with me or that I should get more rest or take an advil.

Well no, I have Chronic Lyme Disease, and 3 other co-infections, and who knows how many others that didn’t show up on my test results.  I feel like it has taken me a couple weeks to really absorb this information and almost accept that I have finally have a diagnosis and a REAL plan.   

The definition of Kindness is a behavior marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition and concern for others. It is known as a virtue,  and recognized as a value in many cultures and religions.  

I would like to thank some very special people for their exceptional kindness towards me:

My parents ❤  You have never given up on me this entire journey and you have given so selflessly to me all throughout this process.  I truly believe that without both of you I would still be wondering what was wrong with me.  You have loved and supported me in countless ways and are two angels always on my shoulder.  I am so grateful and so thankful to you both every single day.

My Boyfriend ❤ You have stayed by my side through all of this and have shown me what true love really means.  You support me on this journey to health and love me every step of the way.  Thank you for helping me in any way you know how, and thank you for loving me.

My Sister ❤  Thank you for being there and listening when I need someone to talk to.  It has helped me so much.  Bringing my two beautiful nephews to see me heals my heart and reminds me why I want to get better.  You are my best friend.

My Aunt ❤ You have been a silent supporter all of this time.  Because of your experiences and your dedication to getting better, I discovered my own illness.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love with me.

The Lymie Community ❤  There are so many of you that have given so much caring advice and kind words of encouragement to me.  I am only starting on this journey and have already come across so many wonderful and generous people.  The community of people my mom has met through Facebook is incredible.  Thank you all and a special thanks to  Lady of Lyme who has such a wonderful website with so much information that has helped me tremendously on this journey.

Does anyone else ever feel undeserving of the help they receive?

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5 thoughts on “DAY 11: A Word on Kindness

  1. Great post. I felt the same way – uncomfortable being on the receiving end of so much kindness. I resolved to learn from this illness. One of my “learnings” was to be more kind right now. Before, I would rush carelessly through my days, probably quite insensitive to others. That has changed for the better. One thing to remember is you are already giving back that kindness by sharing your recipes and writing this blog. Changing my diet continues to be a struggle. Your recipes have been a gift, as has your writing.

    Have a great day…


    • Thank you so much Jayne! That is so amazing to hear that my recipes and blog are helpful. If I can help one person through my experiences, that makes me happy and makes this all worth it. The diet part is not as hard for me I must admit because I had a pretty clean diet prior to my diagnosis, but I do miss my glass of white wine!!! Let me know if I can help in any way diet wise.
      Your words made me smile 🙂 I hope you have a lovely day as well!!


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