DAY 11 Symptoms and Hair Issues

I realized that I don’t speak much about my symptoms.  This is because I sort of tuck them away in my back pocket to read for later…meaning…I don’t want to face them or have to think about what they are.  Here is a short list of what I feel in the current moment (without much effort to tune into my body):

Headache…Neck Pain…Nausea…Rib pain…Heart palpitations…Floaters….Body aches…Joint pain…Stiffness…Weakness…Fatigue…Shooting pains in my right forearm…Trouble concentrating…

Like I said, this is just what I “feel” at the moment, not all of my symptoms.  There are many more to discuss, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  I am here to share my journey.

Moving on from that…I prefer to focus on the “getting better” directive rather than dwelling on “what is”.

Let’s talk a little bit about hair….

In March of 2012 I was in optimum health, literally the best that I had been in my entire life.  I was living the healthiest lifestyle I knew.  Gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, green smoothies and juices daily, tons of lemon water, regular exercise, lots of time outdoors, Hatha yoga, and so much more.  This is the life that I LOVED and still do love.

My hair, skin and nails had never been better.  My hair especially grew like a weed, and was thick long, shiny and luscious.  Here is what my hair was like before I got sick.  Where did it go?!?  😦 😦

thumb_DSC00341_1024I miss that hair….I know it may seem vain, but it is devastating to me that this illness has made my skin bumpy and dull…my nails weak an brittle….and the worst of all, my hair has thinned out tremendously and is dry, dull, and literally doesn’t grow.

I have always really liked Nioxin haircare products, every since I worked in a salon when I was 17.  I recently did a little bit of research and found this Consultation Tool on Nioxin’s website.  You fill out a questionnaire, and a result is given with recommended products, based on your answers.  Here is what mine came up with:


I know that it is not recommended to use chemicals, but there have been lots of cases of reported regrowth from using this product.  I think I may give it a go…

I have also heard of Jason Thin to Thick Products for this same issue.  But I think I will start with Nioxin.  This hair situation is quite devastating to a female…it is really hard to deal with.

I have heard of Biotin 5000mcg to support hair and nail growth and I was fortunate enough to be sent a bottle today by some very kind people.  Thank you!!!!  I will be taking this once per day starting today and keep my fingers crossed.

IMG_6306-2  IMG_6308Will I ever be the same???  Sometimes I feel like this sickness took everything from me…even my healthy hair, skin, and face.

Does anyone else suffer from this?  What did you do?  Has anything helped you???

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