DAY 12 Missing in Action

Oh my goodness…what a day.  I have been, as the young folk say, completely MIA.  (Missing in Action).  Oh, right, I am young folk, just FEEL like I’m 90.

My friend Button kept me company though.  🙂


Anyways, Today was a reminder that I need to slow the heck down.  I really pushed it yesterday with my long walk and doing way too much around the house.  It’s hard sometimes when you have those moments where you feel like your old self and think you can do a million things at the pace of a racehorse and not suffer for it later.

I saw my LLND (Lyme Literate Naturopathic Doctor) today for the first time since returning from my LLMD and getting my diagnosis.  I had quite a few questions for him and he assured me that I am approaching this the right way.  I always feel better when I leave his office.

I asked him if I should be taking more supplements, herbals, vitamins and minerals.  I know there are a lot of people out there taking many many different things and I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing (for my particular situation).  I also asked if there is more I should be doing to detox.

This is what he said as per my recollection (not word for word obviously):

“There is a difference between detoxing and supporting your detoxification systems (liver, kidneys, lymphatic).  Right now, as you are just embarking on your treatment protocol with the antibiotics, we need to make sure there are no “traffic blocks” in the detoxification systems.  The reason for this is so that when there is die off from the meds, it can be cleared out of your body quickly and efficiently without any “road blocks”.

Right now we are going to keep taking 4 out of 5 of the meds (Nystatin, azithromycin, doxycycline, and hydroxychloroquine) along with herbals (bab-2 and Cognease Detox), Binders (activated charcoal, Byron White Detox (with clay)), and Vitamins and Supplements (Green tea capsules, Multi vitamin, Biotin, Stress B Complex, Omega 3) plus two different probiotics for gut healing.  There is no need to overwhelm you or your body with too many things right now.  More is not always better at this point when it comes to supplementation.  The main goal right now is to kill the infections and get them OUT of your body.

Today we are adding Magnesium, a nighttime detoxifying binder, and an herbal tincture.




We need to be into this protocol for a month or two and be able to assess how it is working for you.  This is when we would start to looking at rebuilding and adding IV therapy for kill off as well as vitamin absorption through the blood stream.

It was a great thing that you followed the MOULD PROTOCOL (I will need to write a whole new post on this, as it is very much related to my illness) because most if not all antibiotics contain some form of mould.  If on top of my untreated mould exposure, I would have tried to add these antibiotics, my body would likely reject them.

This is why a lot of people are on these meds for months and aren’t getting better, because of undiagnosed mould exposure and they have to end up going the herbal route.”

I thought that this was a great approach and I am very satisfied with doing things this way.  I am sure much more was said in my time with Dr. M, but I left this post too long and the information has since left me.  But I think I touched on the most important topics.

Today was a pretty brutal day.  I slept in until 11am and could barely get myself out of bed.  My mom arrived to drive me an hour away to the LLND and I was still asleep.  My body aches like crazy today and my limbs are weak and heavy.  I was so sick on the drive that I literally cried in the car because I didn’t know what to do with myself.  My body goes into this debilitated state where it feels like I have no energy to even hold myself up or move my tongue to speak.  My headache and nausea take over me and every bit of energy is completely depleted.  I had zero appetite and literally could do nothing but go to the doctor, and get back  home to curl up on the couch.

So today….I rest and hope for a better day tomorrow.

Trust me, most of my writing happens when I am having an “ok moment”, so it really is not all lollipops and rainbows.  I am right there with all of you that can barely get out of bed sometimes or feel like the world is crashing down.  I am truly suffering here and I am trying my best to show the more positive side of things rather than my horrible moments.  We all know we suffer from these horrible moments, but sometimes rather than only talk about those, I find it helps to search for and share solutions and preventative measures against these bad moments.

This post is a little long and boring, but I had to get a whole days worth in before I forget what happened tomorrow!

Happy Friday 🙂

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