DAY 13 so sick

Today I woke up congested sneezing and feeling heavy in my limbs. I lay here in bed and I ask myself how am I going to get out of here. 
My head is throbbing I have nausea already and all night I had nightmares. 

Ever since I started hydroxychloroquine I have been having nightmares. I wake up feeling sort of scared and alone. 

Today I don’t even want to move our start taking my pills. I just want to be.
I’m thinking of showering I’m thinking of taking some of my pills I’m thinking of getting up I’m thinking of brushing my teeth I’m thinking of getting dressed and none of it is appealing.

Not even a coffee and I love my coffee…except lately all it does is make me feel sick and I can’t get past two sips.

I can’t bear the thought of food today. Every time I try to eat I have to spit it out because it makes me so nauseous.

My neck and back are both so stiff and I can’t get comfortable no matter what I do.

I managed to eat a little something.  But I am really sick today. I couldn’t stop myself from throwing up immediately afterward .. my body just wasn’t having it. I was sick 6 times until my stomach was literally empty again.

All I can think of is the fact that I just added Hydroxychloroquine. 
Does anyone else experience this with their lyme treatment? I have to keep my meds down!  

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6 thoughts on “DAY 13 so sick

  1. Hello Laura
    I hope you are feeling a bit better today. I have HydroxyC for Lupus and whilst initially it was good – especially to help with fatigue, I discovered that it caused me to have worse migraines than I was already experiencing! How many do you have to take each day? Maybe you should ask for a meds review as it’s possible they don’t agree with something else which you are taking. Gentle hugs x


    • Hello and thanks for coming by my page 🙂 Interesting about the migraines…I Just started taking HydroxyC two days ago. It is 1 pill twice per day at 200mg. I am also taking Nystatin, doxycycline, and azithromycin. Thanks for your kindness.

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      • Have you been advised when and how to take your meds? I know this is something which often gets overlooked but there are meds which require being taken alone, with food, on an empty stomach, at night time, not within two hours of any others etc. Also HydroxyC should not be taken with any grapefruit products and its one of those which should be taken with food. Presumably you were told it takes at least 2-3 months before it starts to have any effect?!


      • I think I will revisit my schedule for meds and make sure I am adhering to it properly. Thanks for all the information. Today the meds didn’t make me so sick… Go figure. I guess I have to stick out the bad times before I can start feeling better ?

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      • Unfortunately that is often the case but then when the meds finally kick in you’ll hopefully start to feel a lot better! 🙂 Make sure your diet stays healthy even when you don’t feel like eating/cooking properly! Processed foods which are easy to eat often do more damage than good! I’ll come back again soon and see how you are 🙂


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