DAY 14 Depressed

Today has been a horrible day.  I literally have been crying on an off the entire day.  The sobbing kind of cry.  And for no real apparent reason.

I don’t know if this is a side effect of my meds or what it is… But I cannot seem to stop.  

I have no appetite .. I know that’s a side effect, but it doesn’t help when I have to take a bunch of meds and vitamins on an empty stomach.

I have done nothing today but stare a a tv and lay curled up on the couch.  I see the sun is shining outside and everyone passing me by going on with their own lives and I just feel stuck because my own body holds me back.

I’m weak and don’t really know what to do with myself.  Some days like today .. I just want to be over and move on to the next one.

I know I’ll be ok. I always am, but that doesn’t help much while I’m in it.

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5 thoughts on “DAY 14 Depressed

  1. I am a fellow Lyme Disease sufferer. When the bugs are active in my system (especially Bartonella), the emotions are up and down, and the panic attacks happen a lot. I have found treatments that are working for me now, and with each passing month I am getting my life back. I have been fighting this for 18 years, but have only knows WHAT I was fighting for the past 2.5.

    Just found your blog, and I am going to subscribe. 🙂

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