DAY 15 

this isn’t me but this is how i feel!

My body is exhausted again today. Partially because I can’t hold any solid food down at all for the past few days. Today is the third day where I am sick to my stomach any time I try to eat anything at all. 

I dread taking any pills at all because I know what horrible feelings await me on the other side of it.

I am so hungry …. But my creativity and appetite evade me at this time.  My brain feels like mush and all I can do is lay very still and wait and hope for this debilitating nausea to pass.

I suspect this is the addition of the Hydroxychloroquine into my schedule.  I started it Thursday and since Friday o have been horribly unwell.

I am emailing my LLMD today to find out if this is normal, a reaction and I should stick it out or if this is my body rejecting this med and I should stop.

This is hell.  I took two bites of an apple and it immediately made me be sick to my stomach.

 Oh what a journey this is…I’m hoping this horrible stage will pass…..

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4 thoughts on “DAY 15 

  1. Sorry to hear you are not holding food down :(. Be sure to stay hydrated and try to get some elctrolytes in. Maybe try drinking some bone broth if you can get the energy to make some. Although sometimes that doesn’t even stay down. Feel better!

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