DAY 17 phantom pain

Well the pain crept up… I fell asleep kind of with heating pad last night and 2 t3… Then woke up to horrible pain at about 1230 and it was my flank on both sides so I am pretty sure it is my kidneys …. So I groaned for about an hour and contemplated hospital but decided I couldn’t do that to either my boyfriend or mom.. So I took 1 more t3 at 2am when the pain plateaus…..

 Then the rest of the night just kept waking up but kind of slept in a drugged up trance with the heating pad all night..But made it through. Now I feel best I have …. Just very drained. But likely a false sense of being ok due to the T3s.

Pain is much worse at night … Likely cuz I eat and drink towards the end of the day and kidneys then have to start processing? I don’t know!!!

I got up around 7am and took activated charcoal with a full glass of water that weighed heavily on my stomach.

I then rested for an hour and took my Bab2 and cognease detox, determined to get back on track with my meds.

I made a lovely breakfast all the while very weak and feeling sick.. In fact… I was sick once in the middle of preparing… I figured because of an empty stomach.  I ate, took my pills and was sick 5 times following that… I finally laid down at 10am and passed out from weakness and exhaustion.

I woke up almost 4 hours later and guess what? The pain is back. I don’t even know what it feels like anymore…. 

 I said if this became excruciating again tonight that I will go to the hospital.. I just keep thinking it’s going to pass.  I will wait it out until tonight.

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9 thoughts on “DAY 17 phantom pain

  1. I think it is time to call the doctor, my friend. I would start with the Lyme doctor. This kind of pain is not a normal Lyme thing… Kidney Stones, Pancreatitis (based on location of pain you had told me about), or gall stones are possibilities.

    It needs to be checked out, though…


    • I know…I agree with you…I hate going to the doctor so I have been trying to avoid it.
      I think I should go tonight if this doesn’t stop.
      I just feel like now it is at the point where I probably have pain in my actual stomach from not being able to hold my food down. 😦


      • My friend…. you are procrastinating. If I lived near you, I would be at your house packing your stuff to go. It is time to at least make the phone call to your Lyme doc and start there. It could be a side effect of a med you are on or something. Go. Make the call. I will wait… (((toe tapping the floor while I wait for you.)))

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      • Haha…this made me laugh (the toe tapping). I spoke with my LLND and he said to stop the meds for the day and concentrate on staying hydrated. My LLMD told me to stop hydroxychloroquine and reduce my doxy dose..which I did. I will likely go tonight. I am waiting for my boyfriend to get home from work to take me 🙂


      • Sadly they do not always ask why. If you have been instructed not to take them right now, you could say that you were on XYZ antibiotics for an infection. My Lyme doc helped me on how to avoid saying Lyme at the ER because she wanted me to get proper care.

        Sad, isn’t it?


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