Best 15 Minute Beginner Workout

Exercise is a very important part of treatment for Lyme Disease patients.  Of course each situation is different, but for myself, I feel I may be able to handle this (on the “good days”) and 15 minutes of daily exercise was recommended to me by my LLMD. Keep in mind I have a long history of working out, so my body has muscle memory.  (Thank goodness for that!!)  For true beginners, I say check with your doc and be very very careful. I found this really great workout for beginners from FitSugar that is only 15 minutes long and does not require any equipment.

The workout is very gentle and each exercise is modified if it is too difficult. I have been looking for a really great workout video that I can ATTEMPT to do either daily or every other day while on my treatment, and I think I found it.  Check it out.  I think it is pretty great!

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