Progressive VegEssential All in One Review

Nutrition and diet is a very important part of healing from Lyme Disease.  I must admit that sometimes my fatigue and nausea get the best of me and I don’t feel like eating my recommended daily portions of fruit and veg.  Nor can I stomach it.

I am pretty excited to have found this Plant-Based daily supplement powder that provides 27g of Protein, 7g of Fibre, 2g Omega-3 plant oils, 6-8 servings of fresh vegetable and over 100% of the RDA of 13 vitamins and minerals!  ALL IN ONE SCOOP!



I have this in the Natural Berry Flavour, which is pretty good, but I think next time I would go for the Natural Vanilla.  I shake it up with either 12 oz of coconut water or almond milk in my Blender bottle and drink it down.


I love this stuff for days where I can’t eat much, and can at least rest easy knowing I am nourishing my body with vital nutrients it is starving for!  It also gives me a much needed energy boost!  I take all the help I can get in that department!!!

Here is a link of WHERE TO BUY.  Also, there is a brief video below from Progressive with some product information.

This is strictly my opinion and I am not compensated in any way by Progressive.  I would never recommend a product that I have not personally tested or believe in.

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