DAY 27 How I take my meds to minimize nausea

I am actually hanging in there today.  I know I am feeling a teensy bit like my crazy self because little things like mess and clutter and disorganization are driving me mad!  My mind is also in motion today, which feels GREAT.  I know it may not last, but I am learning to savour the little moments like these.

Today I have discovered that I ABSOLUTELY have to take my meds with food.  I tried taking them with a smoothie at breakfast but the nausea was just way too much.

Here is what I do to keep nausea at bay (even if I REALLY do not feel like eating solid food, I force myself):

  1. Take a few bites of solid food (make sure to really chew your food to help make the digestion process easier on your body)
  2. Take first med with a sip of water (one pill at a time)
  3. Take another bite of food
  4. Take another pill with a sip of water
  5. Repeat as many times as necessary, dependent upon how many pills you have to swallow.

Unless a med specifically states to be taken on an empty stomach or away from food, I would say this is the best method.

It helps to “push down” the meds and the bites of food in between creates somewhat of a barrier between the pills as to avoid having a pile of meds sitting all together in your poor digestive system wreaking havoc.

DO NOT take your meds at the end of a meal, I have found this is a really bad idea!  It WILL make you feel ill!

I have also learned that if you are taking Doxycycline, you should be sitting upright or standing for at least 45 minutes after taking it.  Something I did not know!  Be aware of this, otherwise it can upset your stomach horribly.

I personally think it is a good idea to try and be upright or standing with any of the meds, so they have a chance to release properly and be dispersed throughout your body.  I am thinking of attempting an evening walk after dinner and meds on the daily…IF I can manage.  The movement really helps to improve circulation and digestion.  Also a part of the circulatory system is your LYMPHATIC system, which is key in aiding your body with detoxification, which we all know is a biggie in the scheme of getting better.

Anyways, live and learn I suppose.  This whole process is a giant learning curve for myself and many others.  Obviously, if you have methods that work for you, then please continue!  These are strictly my thoughts by opinion only.

I am here to share my journey and hopefully help and give some insight to others struggling with similar situations.

Please comment if you have anything that works for you!  Thanks for listening 🙂

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