Lyme Products Resource (Canada)

One of my biggest struggle in all of this Lyme Disease treatment process has been finding a resource for Lyme Products online.  It is hard for me to get out of the house, let alone drive to 5 different places to get all the products that I need!

There are lots of online shops but very few in Canada.  And between shipping, customs, and exchange rate these days,  you end up paying almost double the cost of the actual products!

I wish I had found this website sooner, but it was introduced to me the other day and I am ever so thankful!!!  Please check out LYME PRODUCTS.  The even more amazing thing is that if they do not carry a product you are looking for, you may request it and they will do their very best to have it brought in for you.  AMAZING!

Here is an excerpt directly from the “About” section of the website:


Thank you visiting is a comprehensive, on-line environment featuring quality herbal supplements, homeopathic remedies, tinctures, and other Lyme disease essential products that play a significant role in the prevention and treatment of Lyme disease. supports the nutritional and metabolic profiles that address the various organ systems of the body. Bundled products and Protocols are conveniently available to order for detoxification, offsetting Herxheimer reactions, balancing hormones and supporting immune function.

We specialize in providing quality lyme herbal supplements, herbals, homeopathics, tincture and other lyme essential products.  We offer our products worldwide and take pride in serving our customers and continue to look for new lyme and other chronic illness products.

They also have a resource for compounding, which cannot be done directly through the website, but there is a phone number to the Pharmacy (which I personally use) for this service.

Phenomenal resource for Canadian Lyme Disease sufferers!

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