Strawberry Mint Special Drink

The name “special drink” makes me laugh because it actually stems from when I was a kid.  My mom used to give me orange juice mixed with a little gingerale and I called it either “orange fizz” or “special drink.

So now I am all grown up and have a special drink of my own…still the same premise though…a lil bit of fizz with a lil bit of juice plus some other good stuff 🙂


I yearn for a glass of wine and I miss it so very much, so this sparkling beverage helps out in that sense a bit. I usually drink it in a wine or beer glass to trick my mind haha

This blend reminds me of a cross between sangria, cranberry vodka and a mojito, although minus the alcohol LOL.  It is seriously refreshing and satisfying and there is nothing bad for you in it.  Win, win if you ask me!!!



2-5 mint leaves, torn

Juice of 1/2 lime

1-2 large strawberries, sliced

1/4 cup organic not from concentrate  pure cranberry juice

Carbonated natural mineral water (I like Gerolsteiner)

Optional: 1 tsp of agave for sweetness

Optional:  1 oz vodka (not for me!)


Tear your mint leaves, slice your strawberries, juice your lime, and muddle (basically mush all the ingredients together) in the bottom of a wine or beer glass.  (If adding agave or vodka, now would be the time)


Add 1/4 cup cranberry juice


Add 3-4 ice cubes, and fill remainder of glass with Carbonated mineral water and give it a little stir.

I like to use Gerolsteiner, as it is high in calcium and magnesium and low in sodium.

Some mineral waters have a low amount of the actual minerals and you are pretty much just drinking fizzy water.


Super refreshing!!! I hope you love it as much as I do!



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