DAY 40

I heard back from my LLMD (I had e-mailed her to inquire about when I should start adding in my next meds) and she told me that I should be adding Doxycycline back in (gradually) starting with 1 pill twice per day, working my way up to the full dose of 2 pills twice per day eventually.

Was that a run on sentence?  I think it may have been but my brain is too tired to go back and read it.

Anyways, my short term memory is seriously lacking these days.  It is so weird!  I have always had such a great memory but lately I just feel like I am so forgetful!

I started the Doxy today and it sucked.  I feel like I need to slur my words if I even have the energy to speak and my body feels so floppy and heavy.  My neck and my back kill and my nausea is kicked up  notch with this lovely med.  (I do remember that I should not lay down for 40? 45 minutes? after taking Doxy)

What else do I feel?  Ummm I don’t know…I already can’t remember what I mentioned and I feel like I will repeat myself!  Tired?  Exhausted?  Headache from hell? Chest pain?  Shortness of breath from walking one step?

This all sounds horrible when I say it “out loud” and it is…but sometimes it really doesn’t feel like it is my reality.  I don’t think it ever will…until I am better.  I just feel like I am in a surreal bubble of symptoms consuming me and that none of this is actually happening.  I guess it is.

That’s all about this for now.

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4 thoughts on “DAY 40

  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling so crappy 😦

    I hope the pills start working soon and you begin to feel more like yourself again. Don’t forget – we have a girls’ blogging weekend fueled by wine in our future. You need to get better NOW 🙂

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