Smile of the Day

Last week my boyfriend and I were pulling into the driveway at home when we noticed someone laying on the ground across the road!!!

We ran over very quickly and soon realized it was a woman who had fallen!  This poor lady was walking her dog and had tripped on the concrete steps and fallen face forward.  

We got her out of the sun and made her comfortable without moving her too much.  We asked if there was anyone she would like us to call and if we should call an ambulance.  After debating for a few minutes, the ambulance was on the way.  

She told us she lived alone and did not want to bother her daughter who would only worry.

In the meantime, my boyfriend stayed with her while I took her pup upstairs to her condo and fetched her wallet and phone.

We stayed with her until the paramedics came and took her to the hospital to get checked out.  She thanked us repeatedly and we wished her well.

A week later we received a knock on the door and the following little surprise:

I knew exactly where it had come from, and it made me smile. We didn’t expect something in return! We were just helping someone in need!  

This made me smile and reading the lovely card was such a nice boost to an otherwise mundane day.

It just shows you that there are kind people in the world who appreciate a simple good deed and compassion


What’s your good deed today?

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9 thoughts on “Smile of the Day

  1. That is seriously the sweetest most touching story! Its great to see small acts of kindness still goes (and both ways at that!) Even reading about it made my day better! Have a great day love, enjoy your presents 🙂

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