5 Ingredient Mexican Soup

I love this stuff, we honestly make it all the time!!

I have the oddest obsession with Mexican flavours, I truly can never get enough.  This recipe could not get any easier, and it is divinely delicious!

There is a high protein content to this soup, so a small bowl will easily fill your belly!


Please excuse my absence from the blogging world, as we have had quite the little crisis happening in our condo unit and have been in a hotel since Friday evening.

Not exactly how we expected to be spending our long weekend!  In a nutshell, we had water leakage coming from another unit and discovered hidden mold in our bedroom (behind the wallpaper and in the closet)!!!  More on all of that later…it’s a long story and deserves a well thought out post of its own!

I am extremely grateful to have some wonderful experts in the field assisting me in how to handle this stressful situation.  (More on that later too!)

Anyways back to the simplest most delicious soup recipe.  My pictures are nothing to write home about for this one, because we were working with a hotel room kitchen and dishes…but it still tasted great 😉


2 cans white kidney beans, drained and rinsed

1-2 bottles of salsa verde (you can also make homemade if you desire)

Organic Chicken broth (about 4 cups or one box)

4-5 Boneless skinless chicken breasts, trimmed

Water, to fill pot (you will add as the broth reduces)


Toppings (optional):

Chopped avocado


Chopped green onion

Crushed tortilla chips

(If you wanted to be really bad, you could also add shredded cheese or a dollop of sour cream, but we didn’t go that far haha)


  1. Trim and prep your chicken breasts.  Add to a large stockpot and cover with chicken broth.  Fill to the top with water.  (Obviously allow for some room, so it doesn’t boil over)


2.  Bring broth to a boil on high.  Skim any scum off of the top an discard.

3.  Add beans and salsa verde (I start with one jar of salsa and add more later if needed)  Reduce heat to medium and allow to cook for about 20-30 minutes.


4.  Remove chicken breasts from the soup.  Use a fork to pull apart the chicken so it becomes shredded.  Add back to the soup.



5.  Cook for a few minutes longer.  Taste test, and if it is lacking in flavour a little bit, add some additional salsa verde.  (We used about a bottle and a half for this batch)

6.  Remove from heat.  Serve hot with toppings of choice.




I hope you enjoy!!!  Warning, it is a spicy one! 🙂

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