Why take a detox bath?  Oh so many reasons!  One of which being the fact that it eases headaches which are the plague that has followed me for the past 3.5 darn years.

Some benefits of Detox Baths:

Ease stress and relax the body

Relieve pain and muscle cramps

Help muscles and nerves function properly

Help prevent hardening of arteries and blood clots

Make insulin more effective

Relieve constipation

Eliminate toxins from the body

Everyone can benefit from a detox bath.  Especially if you suffer from Chronic Illness or Lyme Disease, detox baths can be great, BUT please go slow and check with your doctor before trying anything like this.  Detox baths have been known to cause a herx.  So please proceed with caution!!!


1 c 35% food grade *Hydrogen Peroxide 
1 c Epsom Salts
1 c Baking Soda
Tri-Salts (for drinking before and after the bath)
  1. Start to draw your bath, not TOO hot, but enough so that you will break a sweat.
  2. Drink 1 tsp tri salts in 2 cups of water before you get in the bath.  
  3. Pour yourself a large glass of water to sip while in the tub.  Also prep another glass of water with tri salts as above to drink after the bath.
  4. Add Baking Soda, *H2O2 and Epsom salts to your bath, allow to fill up all the way, and then swish around to make sure everything has dissolved.  (You want to be careful with the 35% *H2O2, as it can burn your skin if not diluted properly!)
  5. Get in the tub and immerse as much of your body as possible under water.  Be careful not to touch face or eyes with the water because of the *H2O2.  Set a timer for 10 minutes.
  6. If you are ok after 10 minutes, set the timer for another 10.
  7. Drain bath water and don’t get up until the water has completely drained.  Use this time to drink another 1 tsp tri salts in 2 cups of water.
  8. Once the bath has drained, slowly and carefully stand up.  Rinse off with soap and cool water.  You want to wash away all those toxins your body just worked so hard to sweat out.
  9. Relax for 15 minutes or take a short nap if you need to following your detox bath.  Be sure to continue to stay well hydrated!!!!

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Lyme Products Resource (Canada)

One of my biggest struggle in all of this Lyme Disease treatment process has been finding a resource for Lyme Products online.  It is hard for me to get out of the house, let alone drive to 5 different places to get all the products that I need!

There are lots of online shops but very few in Canada.  And between shipping, customs, and exchange rate these days,  you end up paying almost double the cost of the actual products!

I wish I had found this website sooner, but it was introduced to me the other day and I am ever so thankful!!!  Please check out LYME PRODUCTS.  The even more amazing thing is that if they do not carry a product you are looking for, you may request it and they will do their very best to have it brought in for you.  AMAZING!

Here is an excerpt directly from the “About” section of the website:


Thank you visiting is a comprehensive, on-line environment featuring quality herbal supplements, homeopathic remedies, tinctures, and other Lyme disease essential products that play a significant role in the prevention and treatment of Lyme disease. supports the nutritional and metabolic profiles that address the various organ systems of the body. Bundled products and Protocols are conveniently available to order for detoxification, offsetting Herxheimer reactions, balancing hormones and supporting immune function.

We specialize in providing quality lyme herbal supplements, herbals, homeopathics, tincture and other lyme essential products.  We offer our products worldwide and take pride in serving our customers and continue to look for new lyme and other chronic illness products.

They also have a resource for compounding, which cannot be done directly through the website, but there is a phone number to the Pharmacy (which I personally use) for this service.

Phenomenal resource for Canadian Lyme Disease sufferers!

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Progressive VegEssential All in One Review

Nutrition and diet is a very important part of healing from Lyme Disease.  I must admit that sometimes my fatigue and nausea get the best of me and I don’t feel like eating my recommended daily portions of fruit and veg.  Nor can I stomach it.

I am pretty excited to have found this Plant-Based daily supplement powder that provides 27g of Protein, 7g of Fibre, 2g Omega-3 plant oils, 6-8 servings of fresh vegetable and over 100% of the RDA of 13 vitamins and minerals!  ALL IN ONE SCOOP!



I have this in the Natural Berry Flavour, which is pretty good, but I think next time I would go for the Natural Vanilla.  I shake it up with either 12 oz of coconut water or almond milk in my Blender bottle and drink it down.


I love this stuff for days where I can’t eat much, and can at least rest easy knowing I am nourishing my body with vital nutrients it is starving for!  It also gives me a much needed energy boost!  I take all the help I can get in that department!!!

Here is a link of WHERE TO BUY.  Also, there is a brief video below from Progressive with some product information.

This is strictly my opinion and I am not compensated in any way by Progressive.  I would never recommend a product that I have not personally tested or believe in.

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Declined for Disability Insurance and FURIOUS


So I received this letter this morning for which I was declined disability insurance on my group plan.  I have been unable to work since January of this year.  I was paid once by the insurance company for being off work because of a septoplasty surgery to fix my deviated septum.  And then, they washed their hands clean of me.

I read this letter this morning and I was literally livid with anger.  I have to fight not only to be well, but I have to pay out of pocket to do so because Canada will not provide real treatment for Lyme disease or co-infections.  On top of that, guess where I worked?  At an Insurance office!!!!  That specialized in disability insurance!  And this was my group plan that is declining me…what a joke that is!!

I literally cried reading their definition of disability…are you kidding me?  What do they think I do all day????  I am so furious that I don’t even know what to say or do.  I feel like I can’t let this be….this is so WRONG.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  I am to the point where I just want awareness and need these companies to be held accountable for this.  It is stressful enough trying to get well and paying out of pocket without an income!!  And they can’t even give me a percentage of my pay for when I truly need it ….SOOOOO FU*KING ANGRY!!!!!!!

Does all of Canada have to get Lyme Disease or a co-infection before we can actually be recognized as a “real” illness?  Honestly…WTF!!!

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