Lyme Disease and Co-Infections

2 thoughts on “Lyme Disease and Co-Infections

  1. hello Laura

    My name is Vanessa Smith, I was referred to your page by your Mom. I found her through some Facebook posts that ultimately led me to a Lyme disease page that you mom is on. She told me to reach out to you for help or support as it seems we are very much alike in terms of illness. She may have filled you in a bit but I just recently went to the doctor with a bulls eye rash and have started antibiotics. After having this some what diagnosis It made me think back to 5 years ago when I had this same reaction but didn’t think anything of it. I have since been ill and getting worse and my doctor has no help for me as I am seemingly healthy on my tests. I suffer from “chronic fatigue” and possible “fibromyalgia” and some sort of inflammatory arthritic disease and tendinitis of apparently every section of my upper body lol I have taken pain meds, anti inflammatories, depression meds, anti seizure meds, nerve medication so on and so on with no relief and no other diagnosis I see a rheumatologist that says nothing and prescribes naproxen lol as if I have tried that already. I was off work August of last year to March of this year and had to go back in fear of loosing my house and I am already at my breaking point again. I don’t think I have been tested for Lyme ever but I have shown an abnormal antibody test once and no other signs of anything except visible swelling in my hands and tendons thru ultrasound. I have an oray of symptoms that my doctors just discount so I’m wondering what to do now? Your mother suggested seeing on LLND I think that’s what she called it to send blood to the states I’m not sure the cost or time it takes to get it back or to even get in to see the doctor but I need to do something I can’t stand feeling like this every day. What’s more is I’m maybe even more afraid that yet again my test come back negative and I’m right back where I started. I know this is a long winded message I’m more venting then anything lol but what advise do you have for me?


    • Hey Vanessa my mom did tell me about your story. I am so so sorry that you are going through this. My heart really goes out to you and your situation! I am not an expert at all, but what I can do is listen when you need to vent, give you whatever advice I have based on my experience and try my best to help share information with you. I will send you an e-mail from my personal account so that we don’t discuss this publicly.
      The Lymie world is very friendly and so many great people are willing to help you! It is an amazing community.



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