37: Falling off the Bandwagon

So I have not been posting at all concerning my treatment plan or what has been going on with me because I have completely fallen off of everything.

Ever since I ended up in the hospital with excruciating abdominal pain, back pain, and reacted horribly to Hydroxychloroquine, I have just gotten out of the habit of everything and have not found it in me to get back on track.

On Friday, I went to go see a functional medicine Registered Nurse who works with a lot of Lyme patients, but who also looks at your body as a whole and checks for any underlying issues in additional to lyme disease and co-infections.

She was wonderfully empathetic and very very thorough.  I was sent for a bunch of blood and urine tests again to check my hormone levels, thyroid, Vitamin D, Adrenal levels, etc.  She also wants to explore the possibility of some digestive issues and will be sending me to a Gastroenterologist to ensure that I do not have an issue with malabsorption.

I am currently only taking the Nystatin, Azithromycin and two different probiotics (which I stopped for a few days there) because I was neglecting myself and my treatment.  I really feel quite lost and am hoping that I can get back on track soon.

I completed my blood tests and e-mailed my LLMD in the US to inquire about what my next step should be.

I have been horrible….I ate sugar….I ingested foods that I am not supposed to…I drank a glass of wine!!! I didn’t take my meds….I haven’t been drinking enough water…no detoxing….not going to bed on time….I have been stressing and overdoing way too many things and putting my health on the back burner.

I know this is all wrong and my health should come first….but I just wanted to feel like I was a normal person for a few days…and now I am suffering the consequences of my actions.

Today I am completely floppy and my limbs feel like they weigh about 1000 pounds each, brutal headache, major skin breakouts, feel like I cannot open my eyes, major neck pain, nausea galore, mood swings, bloating and inflammation, feeling internal heat and sweats, body aches…and on and on and on…..

I promised myself that I will bounce back from this so here is the plan:

  1.  My new RN is going to oversee my treatment and speak with my LLMD in the US to make sure they are both on the same page
  2. I have e-mailed my LLMD in the US to ask what my next step should be and regarding my concerns
  3. I have completed my recent blood and urine tests and will wait for results to follow up with my RN
  4. I am waiting for an appointment to the Gastroenterologist
  5. I continue to take my Nystatin/Azithromycin/probiotics
  6. I force myself to drink 2-3 litres of water a day
  7. I get adequate rest and put my health first
  8. I start activated charcoal for detox again
  9. I maintain my diet and do not ingest any more sugar, alcohol, or inflammatory foods that will make me feel worse

I feel like for a while there I was self sabotaging and I finally picked myself back up and said “you can do this” and am taking the necessary steps to make it happen.

I can’t do much else until I hear back from my LLMD in the US…so until then, I will be a good girl and drink my water, eat well, rest lots and detox.

Can you tell I have been avoiding this?  It just feels like too much sometimes and I honestly just want to avoid talking about it because it feels like it consumes my life.  BUT I want to get better…so here’s to the next step and me moving out of the denial stage of this illness.

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Blah Blah Blah Blogging

I have so many days like this where I just feel “Blah”.  I don’t have a real reason why that I can pinpoint… It’s just that feeling where I don’t have much to say and nothing much makes me feel better. 

 I love blogging for this reason … That I can literally type out my inner thoughts into cyber space and feel like I’ve told someone.  Best therapist I’ve ever had! And doesn’t cost a pretty penny.

It’s funny about blogging… I had an idea a while ago to track my health journey to be able to share it with the world and never thought I would become so connected to it.

I now find myself constantly connected and hoping for more followers and friends to like my posts. It’s a weird feeling this whole world I tell you.   I can’t help but feeling this need for approval and like I need to do better at this. BUT I do have to take a step back sometimes and remind myself “YOU ARE ILL” … Oh Ya… That… So this is me just talking about nothing and scattering my thoughts onto a page.

Oh, we bought a new couch… Figured I needed to have something comfy since most of my life these days is spent laying on my ass.  She’s pretty we love her and she comes home tonight 😃😃😃


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