Blah Blah Blah Blogging

I have so many days like this where I just feel “Blah”.  I don’t have a real reason why that I can pinpoint… It’s just that feeling where I don’t have much to say and nothing much makes me feel better. 

 I love blogging for this reason … That I can literally type out my inner thoughts into cyber space and feel like I’ve told someone.  Best therapist I’ve ever had! And doesn’t cost a pretty penny.

It’s funny about blogging… I had an idea a while ago to track my health journey to be able to share it with the world and never thought I would become so connected to it.

I now find myself constantly connected and hoping for more followers and friends to like my posts. It’s a weird feeling this whole world I tell you.   I can’t help but feeling this need for approval and like I need to do better at this. BUT I do have to take a step back sometimes and remind myself “YOU ARE ILL” … Oh Ya… That… So this is me just talking about nothing and scattering my thoughts onto a page.

Oh, we bought a new couch… Figured I needed to have something comfy since most of my life these days is spent laying on my ass.  She’s pretty we love her and she comes home tonight 😃😃😃


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