DAY 12 Missing in Action

Oh my goodness…what a day.  I have been, as the young folk say, completely MIA.  (Missing in Action).  Oh, right, I am young folk, just FEEL like I’m 90.

My friend Button kept me company though.  🙂


Anyways, Today was a reminder that I need to slow the heck down.  I really pushed it yesterday with my long walk and doing way too much around the house.  It’s hard sometimes when you have those moments where you feel like your old self and think you can do a million things at the pace of a racehorse and not suffer for it later.

I saw my LLND (Lyme Literate Naturopathic Doctor) today for the first time since returning from my LLMD and getting my diagnosis.  I had quite a few questions for him and he assured me that I am approaching this the right way.  I always feel better when I leave his office.

I asked him if I should be taking more supplements, herbals, vitamins and minerals.  I know there are a lot of people out there taking many many different things and I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing (for my particular situation).  I also asked if there is more I should be doing to detox.

This is what he said as per my recollection (not word for word obviously):

“There is a difference between detoxing and supporting your detoxification systems (liver, kidneys, lymphatic).  Right now, as you are just embarking on your treatment protocol with the antibiotics, we need to make sure there are no “traffic blocks” in the detoxification systems.  The reason for this is so that when there is die off from the meds, it can be cleared out of your body quickly and efficiently without any “road blocks”.

Right now we are going to keep taking 4 out of 5 of the meds (Nystatin, azithromycin, doxycycline, and hydroxychloroquine) along with herbals (bab-2 and Cognease Detox), Binders (activated charcoal, Byron White Detox (with clay)), and Vitamins and Supplements (Green tea capsules, Multi vitamin, Biotin, Stress B Complex, Omega 3) plus two different probiotics for gut healing.  There is no need to overwhelm you or your body with too many things right now.  More is not always better at this point when it comes to supplementation.  The main goal right now is to kill the infections and get them OUT of your body.

Today we are adding Magnesium, a nighttime detoxifying binder, and an herbal tincture.




We need to be into this protocol for a month or two and be able to assess how it is working for you.  This is when we would start to looking at rebuilding and adding IV therapy for kill off as well as vitamin absorption through the blood stream.

It was a great thing that you followed the MOULD PROTOCOL (I will need to write a whole new post on this, as it is very much related to my illness) because most if not all antibiotics contain some form of mould.  If on top of my untreated mould exposure, I would have tried to add these antibiotics, my body would likely reject them.

This is why a lot of people are on these meds for months and aren’t getting better, because of undiagnosed mould exposure and they have to end up going the herbal route.”

I thought that this was a great approach and I am very satisfied with doing things this way.  I am sure much more was said in my time with Dr. M, but I left this post too long and the information has since left me.  But I think I touched on the most important topics.

Today was a pretty brutal day.  I slept in until 11am and could barely get myself out of bed.  My mom arrived to drive me an hour away to the LLND and I was still asleep.  My body aches like crazy today and my limbs are weak and heavy.  I was so sick on the drive that I literally cried in the car because I didn’t know what to do with myself.  My body goes into this debilitated state where it feels like I have no energy to even hold myself up or move my tongue to speak.  My headache and nausea take over me and every bit of energy is completely depleted.  I had zero appetite and literally could do nothing but go to the doctor, and get back  home to curl up on the couch.

So today….I rest and hope for a better day tomorrow.

Trust me, most of my writing happens when I am having an “ok moment”, so it really is not all lollipops and rainbows.  I am right there with all of you that can barely get out of bed sometimes or feel like the world is crashing down.  I am truly suffering here and I am trying my best to show the more positive side of things rather than my horrible moments.  We all know we suffer from these horrible moments, but sometimes rather than only talk about those, I find it helps to search for and share solutions and preventative measures against these bad moments.

This post is a little long and boring, but I had to get a whole days worth in before I forget what happened tomorrow!

Happy Friday 🙂

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DAY 10 Today is a Good Day!

Today I woke up on the right side of the bed so to speak.  I changed the time of taking my activated charcoal and clay powders to 6am instead of the middle of the night and it works much better.  I went back to sleep after this and allowed myself some extra rest for repair this morning.  I woke up feeling more refreshed, although with a banging headache.

My fave pillow :)

My fave pillow 🙂

I brushed my tongue, oil pulled with coconut oil for 20 minutes and brushed my teeth with all natural clay toothpaste.  I am slowly sort of getting the hang of this.

There is just SO MUCH that can be done and I just need time to fall into a routine that works for me.  I am sure it different for everyone, as we all have individual diagnoses and symptoms that we are dealing with.

Back to my earlier post Attempt at Fighting a Triple Threat  It actually worked!!!  I took my meds and proceeded to sit very very still with my heating pad, my ginger tea, my peppermint essential oil products for headache and my feet immersed in a lavender epsom salt bath.

The second that I had any inkling of nausea, I dried my feet off and got my baking soda water from the fridge and drank the entire thing.  I honestly got through this really easily today…whereas almost every other time I have literally cried because it has been so bad.  I will be doing this again tonight when I take my meds!!


My Side Effects Arsenal of products

I just got a knock on my door from UPS…hmmm…I forgot I ordered something?


YES, I ordered this beauty from my RBC rewards points so it was “free” in a way.  LOVEEEEE her!!!  My new baby, can’t wait to use her!

So as you can see, today was a pretty great day, I cherish these days!!!



More good days to come please!


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DAY 10 Headache Relief Kit Review

Yesterday my beautiful sister (and best friend) surprised me with a wonderful gift from a new store called Saje (100% natural products)  Here is a link to their website:  Saje.

Totally unexpected and exactly what I have been needing!!!  I love everything I got!  Thanks Kiki ❤ 🙂


Here is a look at all my goodies that I received!!!


First can I say how beautiful all of the packaging is?  Right down to the burlap bag that it comes in!  I love the simplicity of it.  But at the same time clean and modern looking…already makes me like the products.

The Headache Relief Kit comes in a perfect little pouch with a zipper on the top.  Easy storage and great for taking on the go.

All of the products smell incredible and natural.  Almost like breathing in the scent of a crisp cold winter day surrounded by nature and flowers.  Ahhhhh. 🙂

The kit contains a little booklet that tells you exactly how to use each of the 3 products it contains:

1.  Peppermint Halo roll on is a dual sided blend of essential oils.  One side is for rolling around that hair line and the other is a handy dropper in case you want to mix the oil with a carrier oil for localized use.  It provides an intense cooling and almost numbing feeling to the applied areas and honestly lasts for hours!  Truly takes the edge off!

Medicinal ingredients: essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, cajeput, rosemary, lavender & vetiver.


2.  Peppermint Halo Wand is also the best thing ever.  It is a wand that you press into localized spots all over your head (even through your hair) to get the same sort of relief as the roll on,  without getting it all over your hair.

Medicinal ingredients: essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, cajeput, rosemary, lavender & vetiver.


3.  Stress Release Tension Reducing Mist smells amazing as well.  It is meant to mist above your head 3-5 times while you close your eyes and deeply breathe in the aromas it releases.  It is amazing what scent can do.

Medicinal ingredients: essential oils of lavender, orange, roman chamomile, vetiver, geranium, clary sage & myrtle.

Non-medicinal ingredients: purified water.


I have had ZERO headache relief until now.  Mind you it does not completely take my pain away, but greatly reduces the severity of it.  I will continue to use this daily.

I used the Lavender Balancing Bath Salt Soak for my detox foot bath today as it contains sodium chloride (sea salt), magnesium sulfate (epsom salt), zea mays (corn) starch, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda); essential oil of lavandula angustifolia (lavender).  Pretty much everything I need for the perfect soak without the effort of creating it myself.

The scent of lavender was extremely calming and relaxing.


Finally, the Stress Release Tension Release Diffuser Blend of essential oils I used in my humidifier in the bedroom.  It is super calming and relaxing and helped me fall asleep quite easily.

Medicinal ingredients: lavandula angustifolia (lavender), citrus sinensis (orange), anthemis nobilis (roman chamomile), salvia sclarea (clary sage), pelargonium gravelolens (geranium), myrtus communis (myrtle) vetiveria zizanoides (vetiver).


Needless to say, I love love love everything and it really helps me when I am feeling quite unwell.  I can’t wait to explore more of their products.  I love that everything is all natural and will not add to the toxic load on my body.

I have been wanting to do a lot more reading about the medicinal and other uses of essential oils for a long time now, I just haven’t gotten around to it.  This was the perfect little step in the right direction!

Kudos to my sister for discovering this amazing brand!!!

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DAY 8 Tip for Nausea

After taking my morning meds I get horribly nauseated.  This suggestion actually came from my favourite Aunt, who also suffers from Chronic Lyme and co-infections.

I tried this today and it truly helps.

1.  Add 2/3 cup of water to a glass, one ice cube, and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda.  The water must be COLD.


2/3 cup COLD water, mixed with 1/2 tsp baking soda for Nausea

2.  Sit down, and drink the mixture (be warned it does not taste nice).

3.  Sit very very still and breathe deeply in through your nose and long breaths out through your mouth.

Seriously….this really took the edge off of my overwhelming nausea.

Please note that any and all of the information I share on this blog is not intended as medical advice.  This treatment plan was designed specifically for me by a Licensed Medical Doctor and is not to be duplicated.  All information is from my own experiences and strictly by opinion only.

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DAY 7: How I got through this Herx

There is no doubt in my mind that this was a herx.  My symptoms were all aggravated today and it could be either

a) starting Doxycycline

b) Taking that ACV (apple cider vinegar) this morning-which can cause some people to herx

c.) This horrible humid hot weather and the pressure changes-I think it is about to storm

d.) My body is not detoxing fast enough or efficiently enough

Who knows what the cause was, but all I can tell you is that this was anything but a fun Sunday.  It was hell!

If you read my post earlier, you will see that I was a little sad and lost and didn’t feel like I could get through this.  But I did.  I went from feeling like I could not even lift my head, open my eyes, with horrible nausea to being able to get out of the house to the grocery store.

Here is what worked for me today, although I still have not find the right concoction for my brutal splitting headache.  I am still searching for that.  In time I suppose.

1.)  DGL (Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice) I first chewed two tablets, and later another two.  Make sure it is the sugar free version.  This helped a little bit with my nausea.


2.)  Nutramedix Burbur Detox (Tincture)  10 drops in 40z of water and repeat every 15 minutes 5-7 times, until herx subsides.  I did this for a series of 5.


3.  Whole Psyllium Husk 2 Tbsp in 12 oz of water.  I did this to ensure a bowel movement and rid my body of any waste.  Follow up with tons and tons of lemon water.


4.  Epsom Salt Detox Foot Bath I soaked my feet in epsom salts, sea salts and baking soda while I was doing all of these other things.

5.  Ecological Formula Tri-Salts  I drank 1/2 tsp in a glass of water to help keep hydrated.  This is made up of calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate and potassium bicarbonate.



6.  I dry brushed the skin of my body and took a 3 minute cold shower afterwards-this is supposed to contact your muscles and stimulate your lymphatic system to detoxify more efficiently.

I also made sure to sit upright and not lay down, and sat very still.  I found this made a big difference.  I literally somehow went from not able to even speak or function to being able to leave the house.  Don’t get me wrong I still feel horrible exhausted and have a bad headache, but I suffered SIGNIFICANTLY LESS after doing all of this.

I feel like earlier I had much more to say, but now my mind is just a foggy headache of exhaustion.  The point is, yes, you may have to suffer from HERXING, but there are SO MANY options to help your body through it.  There are also so many things that can be done to prevent it, or at least make them less horrible.  I am learning slowly and reading more and more.

This may not even make any sense….but I had to get it “on paper” before it left me completely.

Time for my next cocktail of Nystatin, Azithromycin, and Doxycycline….

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