DAY 53 of Treatment, sort of

Hello People,

If you have been following me, then I am sure you know by now that the start to my treatment has been one bumpy ass road.  It was derailed initially by excruciating stomach pain, followed by test results showing that I had some serious stomach bacteria lurking in my body.

This bacteria could have been causing malabsorption of anything and everything that I have been putting in my body (I kinda wish I took advantage and ate some junk haha), not to mention a ton of other crappy symptoms.  On top of the Lyme and Co-Infections. FUN TIMES…NOT!

Anyways, I have officially finished my 7 days of the super strong antibiotic duo as of yesterday.

Today I gradually get back to my Lyme treatment.  I just popped my first dose of Nystatin, Doxycycline, and Azithromycin.  The headache and the nausea are creeping up on me a little bit, but (fingers crossed) things seem to be going ok…

I still feel like a piece of crap.  Same symptoms as per usual.  Headache exhaustion, nausea, body aches etc etc etc.  Recently I have been having nightmares every night and have this unjustified feeling of fear before falling asleep.  Weird.

Anyways…back on track…although I guess I never really was off track…just took  a wrong turn.

OH, one more thing.  We finally finally were able to get our brand spankin new big leather baby into the condo!!!  With the power of three strong men (one being my boyfriend) and a lot of sweat, these guys lugged it through the stairwell.


I am SOOOOOO happy.  This thing is amazing.  It is huge and super comfy.  I can’t wait to curl up with my baby over the long weekend 🙂 🙂 🙂

(And please don’t look at the cluttery mess in the background..haha)

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DAY 46 Treating my Stomach condition

I spoke with my LLMD in the US and she has advised me that I need to stop taking all of my prescription meds for the duration of treatment of this stomach bacteria.

So today I will not be taking Doxycycline or azithromycin.  I will continue with my 2 different probiotics as well as the Nystatin 3x daily.

Oh but don’t you worry, there is no shortage of drugs to take the place of the Doxy and Azithro!

Here is the one week plan to eradicate this bad boy:

  1. Twice daily, 30 minutes before food, take one prescription antacid to protect the lining of my poor poor stomach.  (Thereafter the 7 days, reduce to once per day-60 pills worth)
  2. On a full stomach, take a combination of 2 strong antibiotics twice daily for seven days.
  3. Follow meal with probiotics
  4. Most likely suffer crappy side effects for the duration of the 7 days followed by feeling amazing?  HAHA I wish…


Today I feel pretty crappy.  I have been getting a ton of puffiness and today is unrelenting.  I can barely open my eyes because they are so puffy!

I have some serious nausea and headache and just feel all around tired.  I have no appetite and can’t figure out what to eat because my tastebuds are off and my sense of smell is out of this world right now (not necessarily a good thing!)

BUT I am trying to stay positive…and my next stop is the well visited laboratory to get some more blood drawn (Food sensitivity testing).

That’s all for now…

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DAY 45 (I think)

Sometimes I really get sick of writing about my treatment, hence why I don’t do it TOO often these days.  It just feels like every time I turn around there is something new to deal with.

Today I had my follow up with my wonderful Nurse who is overseeing my treatment.  My blood work came back and guess what I have?  A bacterial infection affecting the lining of my stomach that could possible cause me an ulcer if not treated.  GREAT news isn’t it?

Anyways,  that means I need THREE MORE antibiotics taken together along with everything else I have been taking to eradicate this.  At least it is only for 1 week!!!

Although I am sick of feeling like crap and feeling like I always have some sort of new health issue popping up, I am ecstatic about the fact that I have such a great team caring for me and that I finally have some answers.  This could be causing me a lot of my nausea/stomach pain.  Oh the joys!

What else?  I feel like crap today and have been having some serious skin issues out of nowhere.  I have a hive like rash and also very puffy around my mouth and my eyes….could be some sort of allergic reaction….but to what?

That is exactly why my Nurse is sending me to get some up to date food sensitivity testing as well as allergy testing.  I am honestly hoping they find something so I don’t have to deal with this swelling.  I have enough on my plate already!!

Anyways, I think that is all for now.  Nausea has somewhat subsided as I have been using Syntrion Sygest oral spray 3x per day since the 20th (about 6 days now).  I think it helps.  That and taking DGL (2 chewable tablets) 20 minutes before I take my meds.  Here are some pictures of what the Sygest looks like:




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DAY 40

I heard back from my LLMD (I had e-mailed her to inquire about when I should start adding in my next meds) and she told me that I should be adding Doxycycline back in (gradually) starting with 1 pill twice per day, working my way up to the full dose of 2 pills twice per day eventually.

Was that a run on sentence?  I think it may have been but my brain is too tired to go back and read it.

Anyways, my short term memory is seriously lacking these days.  It is so weird!  I have always had such a great memory but lately I just feel like I am so forgetful!

I started the Doxy today and it sucked.  I feel like I need to slur my words if I even have the energy to speak and my body feels so floppy and heavy.  My neck and my back kill and my nausea is kicked up  notch with this lovely med.  (I do remember that I should not lay down for 40? 45 minutes? after taking Doxy)

What else do I feel?  Ummm I don’t know…I already can’t remember what I mentioned and I feel like I will repeat myself!  Tired?  Exhausted?  Headache from hell? Chest pain?  Shortness of breath from walking one step?

This all sounds horrible when I say it “out loud” and it is…but sometimes it really doesn’t feel like it is my reality.  I don’t think it ever will…until I am better.  I just feel like I am in a surreal bubble of symptoms consuming me and that none of this is actually happening.  I guess it is.

That’s all about this for now.

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DAY 39

Babs (as I so lovingly have pet named Babesia) is dying.  I can feel it.  My symptoms today are not nice at all.

I have a severe pain in my chest, shortness of breath and a hunger for air that I can’t seem to fill.  My heart is beating way too fast for anyone’s liking.

This pain and tightness in my chest is annoying as hell!  The nausea is still here and you better believe the headache is hammering away.

My eyesight really sucks today.  I’m a little forgetful and feeling pretty drained.

The only thing that makes me happy about this is the fact that I know the bastards are dying.  Just sucks that it is inside of my body.  Yuck.

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