Day 7 Adding Doxy

I added Doxycycline to the mix today and my body doesn’t like it.  Now it’s Nystatin, Azithromycin and the Doxycyline. I’m in the middle of a crying spell because I feel so sick. 

I can barely type this because all my limbs are floppy and I can barely hold my arm up, never mind my body. I have a headache (not as bad as yesterday) my hands are shaky and my body aches and everything feels so weak. The worst today is Nausea.  I feel so so so sick I don’t know what to do with myself.  I took DGL but it didn’t work well enough.

I don’t know what to doūüėā I know I need to detox but what can I do when I can barely move and feel so sick???!!!!


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2 thoughts on “Day 7 Adding Doxy

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