Declined for Disability Insurance and FURIOUS


So I received this letter this morning for which I was declined disability insurance on my group plan.  I have been unable to work since January of this year.  I was paid once by the insurance company for being off work because of a septoplasty surgery to fix my deviated septum.  And then, they washed their hands clean of me.

I read this letter this morning and I was literally livid with anger.  I have to fight not only to be well, but I have to pay out of pocket to do so because Canada will not provide real treatment for Lyme disease or co-infections.  On top of that, guess where I worked?  At an Insurance office!!!!  That specialized in disability insurance!  And this was my group plan that is declining me…what a joke that is!!

I literally cried reading their definition of disability…are you kidding me?  What do they think I do all day????  I am so furious that I don’t even know what to say or do.  I feel like I can’t let this be….this is so WRONG.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  I am to the point where I just want awareness and need these companies to be held accountable for this.  It is stressful enough trying to get well and paying out of pocket without an income!!  And they can’t even give me a percentage of my pay for when I truly need it ….SOOOOO FU*KING ANGRY!!!!!!!

Does all of Canada have to get Lyme Disease or a co-infection before we can actually be recognized as a “real” illness?  Honestly…WTF!!!

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5 thoughts on “Declined for Disability Insurance and FURIOUS

  1. It is the same way here. That is what happens when you have a disease that is not recognized by the government or healthcare establishment. It is maddening.

    My son has been denied state insurance because he is “not Autistic enough.” I know the anger that you have in you right now.

    Are you on MD Junction? There is a woman named Betty on there, and she has a lot of resources that she shares on many different Lyme topics. You may want to join and reach out to her. I am on there as TPNYT. 🙂

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  2. The struggle to convince others that we are actually disabled by Lyme is extremely difficult. Everytime I have to deal with these companies I have huge stress reactions because I feel so invalidated and the thoughts start swirling in my head. “Maybe I’m just a slacker, or crazy, or just broken beyond repair”. This, combined with the psychiatric symptoms of Lyme can send me to bed very quickly. My pain increases, my symptoms increase, and I begin to lose all hope. It’s compounded by society’s not so silent message that those who are not working are not “doing their share”. The attacks come from all directions everyday, like a video game with constant onslaught. Do not allow this piece of paper with its mechanical message to derail you, if at all possible. Appeal, and everytime you go to any Dr., make sure they understand how sick you are. Don’t put on a brave front. Find a Dr. who empathizes with you and is willing to support your disability and provide you with the paperwork to support it. Sending good thoughts your way. Take care. The most important thing we can do when we have Lyme is to endure. And that you are doing beautifully.

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    • Wow thank you so much for this. I feel like the words and thoughts were literally taken from within my own head! This really hit home. I am still searching for a really good support system. I have an LLMD and LLND but they are both pretty far away. I will keep fighting! THANK YOU!!!

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