DAY 46 Treating my Stomach condition

I spoke with my LLMD in the US and she has advised me that I need to stop taking all of my prescription meds for the duration of treatment of this stomach bacteria.

So today I will not be taking Doxycycline or azithromycin.  I will continue with my 2 different probiotics as well as the Nystatin 3x daily.

Oh but don’t you worry, there is no shortage of drugs to take the place of the Doxy and Azithro!

Here is the one week plan to eradicate this bad boy:

  1. Twice daily, 30 minutes before food, take one prescription antacid to protect the lining of my poor poor stomach.  (Thereafter the 7 days, reduce to once per day-60 pills worth)
  2. On a full stomach, take a combination of 2 strong antibiotics twice daily for seven days.
  3. Follow meal with probiotics
  4. Most likely suffer crappy side effects for the duration of the 7 days followed by feeling amazing?  HAHA I wish…


Today I feel pretty crappy.  I have been getting a ton of puffiness and today is unrelenting.  I can barely open my eyes because they are so puffy!

I have some serious nausea and headache and just feel all around tired.  I have no appetite and can’t figure out what to eat because my tastebuds are off and my sense of smell is out of this world right now (not necessarily a good thing!)

BUT I am trying to stay positive…and my next stop is the well visited laboratory to get some more blood drawn (Food sensitivity testing).

That’s all for now…

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2 thoughts on “DAY 46 Treating my Stomach condition

  1. It seems like you’re going one step forward and three steps backwards lately! How frustrating.

    Are you able to take probiotics with your antibiotics? Too many antibiotics (especially such strong ones!) can cause yeast infections (and you seriously don’t need that on top of everything else!). If possible, I’d add one more pill to the mix to try and combat another infection.

    I hope you feel better soon!

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    • Aww thanks ❤️ I feel exactly like that! Every time I’m doing well somethibg new pops up! Just can’t seem to catch a break 😔
      Thanks for mentioning the probiotics that would be the worst! I take a pretty high dose to begin with 3x a day, but may pop a few extras in thete for good luck! 😃😃
      At least these ones are only a week!!

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