Holy rollercoaster.  I was scared out of my mind last night…and all for what?  Another day like I have had…just feeling generally crappy all around.  BUT, how thankful am I that this is “slow and steady”?  VERY!

I actually feel happy today…it’s day 4, which means there are 3 days behind me, which in turn means that is three days worth of steps on the road to recovery!  Small victories 🙂  Don’t get me wrong though, I still feel like garbage…but at least knowing I am doing something about it gives my mind a little boost.

My treatment protocol is designed very, very well and I follow it to a T.  I am grateful that everything is gradual and that I can allow a few days for my body to get used to something before adding something new.

I added Bab-2 for Babesia today and Azithromycin.  I have only had dose 1 of 2, but that was early this morning and I am still “ok”.  I truly believe following the healthy diet of gluten-free, dairy-free, non GMO and low sugar fruits and veg.  Along with a list of “do eat lots ofs” and “don’t eat any ofs” plays a HUGE role in this.  Then comes the biggie…the spawn of everything inflammatory….SUGAR!  NO sugar! Which is HUGE too.  And tons of water…flush it all out….3 litres a day…!  Adequate rest and sleep is key as well.  I am doing my very very best to do exactly as Dr. M says…otherwise what would the point of all this be?

Even though I have no appetite, I am forcing nutrients into my body.  After all, its not only about killing the bad, it’s about building all the good back up that has been lost.  The two go hand in hand and the fit is just perfect.

I don’t have much to report today…and I hope it stays that way!!!  (Small sigh of relief)


Snuggled up with my Butty Boo

Please note that any and all of the information I share on this blog is not intended as medical advice.  This treatment plan was designed specifically for me by a Licensed Medical Doctor and is not to be duplicated.  All information is from my own experiences and strictly by opinion only.

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